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When a health issue forced us into early retirement, our 'other' firm didn't respond to us for over 30 days. But Jeff came to our rescue and helped us through every step of the process. And....he continues to check in with us monthly to review our retirement and answer any questions we have.

Jimmy Huebner & William Earnest

Washington Twp, OH



As a single parent it would have been easy to convince myself that planning for my financial future was just not an option. The Mohlman Financial Group have inspired me by sharing the strategies and techniques to empower me to have control over the choices available for my financial future.

Donna Ellis

Huber Heights, Ohio



When Jeff Mohlman became my financial advisor in 2007 I planned to retire at age 65 in 2019. When my Company offered a lump sum buyout of my retirement Jeff put into place strategies that allowed me to retire on Dec. 2014 at the age of 60. His knowledge of the business, and personal touch is exemplary. I highly recommend his services.

Tony and Joni Kralich, Kettering, OH



Understanding your financial challenges ... first-hand


Retirement Income Strategies

Building a retirement income strategy begins with a realistic look at how you see your retirement, through your eyes—and what that lifestyle will likely cost—establishing your priorities and understanding the tradeoffs of each option. That can result in something of a balancing act for your emotional as well as financial life. There is no one-size-fits all retirement, and as such there’s certainly no one-size-fits all retirement portfolio..... MORE INFORMATION


LGBT Financial Strategies

The 2013 Supreme Court ruling striking down key parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) paved the way for greater financial parity among traditional, same-sex married couples and the LGBT community. However, it also ushered in new challenges and considerations in managing your finances..... MORE INFORMATION


 Life Insurance Strategies

Life insurance is an important part of the foundation of your financial plan, protecting your goals and taking care of loved ones if the worst happens. But the value of life insurance goes beyond risk protection. It can be an asset – and offer other financial benefits – at various stages in life..... MORE INFORMATION


Medicare and Health Insurance Planning

Insurance company employees are paid to enroll you in their plan and by definition can not be objective. We can enroll you in any plan you choose, help with plan selection and provide ongoing, expert advice on all Medicare Insurance plans. As Medicare specialist we focus on products for people with Medicare - not generalist offering some medicare products..... MORE INFORMATION


Long Term Care Strategies

If you or a loved one needs Long Term Care you are probably worried about how long you can afford the monthly cost. According to the US Department of Health and Human services, of the 70% of Americans who are projected to need Long Term Care, half will be broke within 6 months...... MORE INFORMATION



Founded by Jeff Mohlman in 2012, Jeff brings 14 years of industry experience in Safe Retirement Income Planning to the clients that he and his team serve. It was Mohlman's goal .....

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